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Website Hosting Accounts:- How to Create

Web Hosting accounts also called hosting plans or packages are very different from web domain names. A hosting account provides you space online to house your website. It’s like leasing a land or building.

If you are going to lease a building to use for your business, that building becomes your business address. If you want You can move your business to another building, taking your name with you at any time whenever you want. You are not stuck in one building forever just because that’s where you started.

You purchase a hosting account from a website hosting firm or hosting provider and, although it is often purchased in association with a domain name, it is independent of the name.

The term web hosting plan or package actually defines the parameters of your hosting account. The both two terms, Hosting account and hosting plan, are sometimes used interchangeably to mean the facilities and allowances you get with your account from your web hosting services provider.

The dissimilarity between a hosting account and a web domain name is an important point to note. At the time to renew your name registration and web hosting account, you must make it sure you renew both. Just because you renew your hosting account doesn't automatically mean you renew your domain name registration. The real meaning is, to renew your business license, it doesn't mean you have paid your rent. You can select top rated web hosting provider from our list.


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