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Most Common Web hosting Types

There are few things which I am not going to talk about in this post like Windows or Linux hosting, as these are platform based hosting services. Few of Web apps and sites works best with Linux based platform and few of them work great with Windows platform. For example, WordPress works great with linux Hosting platform. Now I am going to talk about common hosting packages type: Shared hosting, VPS server, dedicated hosting and so on. Since many of the best Web hosting companies provides different offer based on these hosting packages only.
Shared Web Hosting package:
In a shared web hosting environment, your Web page will be hosted along with many other Web pages Which means, all of these Web pages will have the same I.P and all of these website will be sharing same resources. One of the most common limitation of shared hosting platform is, if any website starts using more resource, it can affect other websites hosted on the same web server. However, this type of problems happen once in a while and for a newbie and beginner, Shared web hosting platform is the best option to start with.
VPS : Virtual Private Server:
Another most common and popular type of hosting is VPS and it is offered by many companies. VPS hosting is based on virtualization technology and unlike shared server hosting, here your Webpage will get limited but dedicated server resources and power. VPS servers are costlier than shared platform but work perfectly when your site needs dedicated resources all the time. One most popular and ordinary myth is, moving to Virtual server will resolve your Web page down issues, but here is a tip:- Common shared web hosting package offered by Hosting Raja, Bigrock, Hostgator offer much better resource than what provided by entry level Virtual hosting package. Virtual private server (VPS)hosting bridges the gap between dedicated server hosting and shared hosting platform.
Dedicated Server Hosting:
This type of hosting is well suited for resource hungry Websites and applications. There are certain online applications or Web pages, which require a dedicated pool of resources and extra power all the time and you do not wish your system to be sharing any of your data or information with anyone else. Dedicated server hosting is usually costliest option here and they also available with managed and unmanaged type of plan. In Simple words, when you buy a dedicated server from a service provider, means you are going to rent a server under their infrastructure. Depending upon hosting service providers plans and policies, you will be getting limited or no support.

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